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 Simple Rules to be Follow

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PostSubject: Simple Rules to be Follow   Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:45 pm

Server / Forums/ In-game Rules and Regulations:

1. Respect Admin, GMs and Staffs. One must respect others to gain respect from others as well.

2. Being a Moderator's/Staffs doesn't give them the authority
to implement to much Rules and Regulations other than from those noted hereof, or assigned to their specific task without the permission or not notifying the Admin first .

3. Don`t post foul or indecent words in our forum. Likewise maintain harmonious relationship in this forums nor in-game.

4. Don’t post non sense topic in our forum. We know everyone has the right to speak, but try to read first before posting some topics in the forum to avoid spamming and redundancy. Spam/ redundancy's topic will automatically deleted.

5. Don’t use GM's and Staff's named here in forums or in-game. This is to avoid scamming.

6. Don’t scam your fellow players. Everyone play hard on this game so play fair too.

7. Don’t talk or advertise about any Ran server except our server. Do this just to respect our Server.

8. Don’t be so boastful with your fellow players, may it be in the forum or in-game. Let's keep and maintain a harmonious play in our server.

9. If you have any inquiries and not given attention right away by the present Admin, GM's or any Staff's, just post it in our forum. We Admin, GM's and other Staff's always check the forum for updated purposes.

10. At the game, don't ask or beg for gold or any items from the GM's or Admin.. Almost everything here is dropable by mobs. There's no need to beg for gold or items.

11. Selling of any forms of account In-Game is strictly prohibited.

12. Anyone who violated the Rules an Regulations will receive punishment. Depending on the case done.

13. Please let's play fair, give respect to gain respect as well.

We made this server for fun gaming and gain more friends, still there are Rules to
follow and implement, to ensure everyone respect each other in this community.

Visit our site : www.ran-intimate.com

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Simple Rules to be Follow
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